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Turkey is The Best Destination for Foreign Investors


Why Turkey is The Best Destination for Foreign Investors?

Turkey is still a top destination for foreign investors despite the house sales slipped in April in Turkey, and that’s what’s the Turkish Statistical Institute said in its report in May 2016. That report mentioned also, that’s the House sales went down 10.9 % year-on-year in April after rising in the past two months.

“In Turkey, house sales decreased by 10.9 % in April 2016 compared to the same month of the previous year and hence, totaled 106,348 [units].” the report said.

26,584 units are the Mortgaged house sales throughout Turkey, and that’s 27.4 % year-on-year down, indicating buyers’ preference to purchase a home through other means than home loans.

In April 31.4 % is the share of House sales with mortgages of all house sales in Turkey. House sales to foreigners reached 1,462 units, and that is down 14.4 % compared to the same month in the previous year. Istanbul 540 sales, Antalya 360, Bursa 116 and Yalova 71 sales, these were The top destinations for foreign investors .

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